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Our Materials

We might have everyday prices, but our pieces are designed to last forever. We source the best quality materials, from metals to chains, gemstones and ethically sourced diamonds. We only use recycled materials made in 18k/18ct gold vermeil, 14k solid gold, sterling silver and 18k gold plating.

Our pieces are made for frequent wear, and are very versatile to pair for any occasion. So you can transition from the office to the bar to special events, feeling confident and well-dressed no matter the occasion.

Precious Metals


14k Solid Gold

We ethically source our 14-karat solid gold jewelry. 14ct/14k solid gold is a precious metal that will not oxidize or discolor since it is the least reactive metal. It is designed to last, scratches less and has a beautiful hue. So you can wear any pieces any day, anytime.

Care for 14k Solid Gold

While 14k solid gold is a strong material, you can still care and maintain its beauty and shine by using a mild detergent or scrub lightly with a toothbrush and warm water or jewellery wipe.




18k Gold Vermeil


Gold vermeil (pronounced ver-may) requires a thick layer of 18k gold coated over sterling silver at 1.5 microns thickness, which gives the pieces their long-lasting color. We use 18k gold that is a minimum of 2.5 microns thick layered on sterling silver. For our 18k gold vermeil jewelry, we use it for its warm color, durability and preciousness. Each piece of jewelry comes with a 12-month warranty to give you confidence when buying with us.

Care for 18k Gold Vermeil

To maintain your gold vermeil jewelry to its original lustre, we recommend using a gold polishing cloth regularly to wipe your jewellery and store them in an enclosed space when not worn. For long lasting shine, remove your gold vermeil jewelry before you exercise or come in contact with water.




Sterling Silver

925 Sterling Silver is used in fine jewelry and is an alloy made of 92.5% pure silver. We use 100% recycled Sterling Silver to match the highest standards for all of our pieces. Rhodium is used to plate the silver jewelry, which gives it extra shine and durability. It is also a costliest precious metal due to its rarity.

Care for Sterling Silver

Use a soft cloth or silver polishing cloth to clean your silver pieces. Avoid water when wearing your Sterling Silver pieces as it may oxidize overtime. However, the oils in your skin helps sterling silver from oxidizing faster. So wear it often and keep your pieces in an enclosed box or pouch to minimize scratches and other damages.




18k Gold Plated 

18k Gold Plating is the process of adding a thick layer of 18k gold onto the surface of another metal. We use eco-brass as our base metal and a thicker than ordinary plating for all our plated jewelry for its guaranteed shine and durability.

Care for 18k Gold Plated

18k Plated pieces can be prone to oxidation if not taken care of. We recommend using a polishing cloth to restore your jewelry’s shine and make it look as new. Store it in an enclosed box or pouch.




Sustainable Diamonds

Diamonds are one of the hardest natural substances found on earth. Our high-quality diamonds have impeccable clarity, and are 100% ethnically sourced from our suppliers who follow conflict-free and socially responsible practices.

Care for Sustainable Diamonds

Clean your diamond pieces with just warm water soapy liquid and a toothbrush, rinsing the stone to keep its shine and sparkles.




We only use gemstones that are natural, genuine AAA grade mineral stones, known for its beauty, endurance and rarity. We use an array of precious and semi-precious stones, from sapphires (AAA Quality) to Topaz. Each stone has its unique colour and meaning that may resonate with you.  


Care for Gemstones

We recommend to keep Gemstones out of water or chemicals, and from extended sun exposure. Please remove your jewels when swimming or exercising. Give the gemstones a clean by using warm soapy water and a soft brush.




We use cultured, fresh water pearls from oyster and freshwater mussels that our jewelers carefully select and craft into our pieces.

Care for Pearls

We recommend to gently wipe pearls with a soft cloth dampened with warm water to remove sweat, perfume, excess oil or dirt. There is no need for detergents, alcohol or other cleaning solutions. Store them flat and with a dedicated space to prevent them from scratches.